GIOCO D'AZZARDO?! - Kakegurui Rap Cypher || Haikyuu Lyric Prank


Who’s gambling?? This mightiness or mightiness not be a lyric prank LMAO IDK.

Okay so i’ve been planning this lyric prank for DAYS. The next Haikyuu Perfect video will come after this one(well until i decide who would play as chloe lmao and no it’s not for the “lesbi honest” where they spill the beans) ALSO this is completely unrelated to my other videos. This is a stand up-alone.
Deciding which character as which was really hard like i really delay writing the script for an entire day because i can’t choose. And kinda regret it at last second but there’s no way i’m starting from scratch 😀 But i’m really sorry if this is disappointing.

I hope you enjoy this one. I’m not scheduling this, but i’ll immediately sleep as soon as this go public 😀 (ATSUBABE IF YOU SEE THIS IM ASLEEP ILY TTYL)

I don’t claim any sound or characters in this video.
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