Quindi ... I pub sono chiusi. Gioco d'azzardo in autoisolamento (piccolo aggiornamento da parte mia) | Dipendenza da gioco VLOG


Just an update video really. I guess there’s not always going to be something important to talk about but if I can fill a few minutes of your day then all good. If you have anything you want me to talk about or any ideas for videos then hit me up. It’s a tiny little thing but if I can aid in the smallest way then I’d love to (that said, I’m still working full time!)

Thanks for watching, my name’s Phil and I’m a former gambling addict. I make videos to share my experiences of gambling and talk about my recovery, abstinence and the challenges of quitting gambling. I also tend to ramble on about anything else that comes to mind and take great pleasure in dispelling some of the most common myths around gambling.

If you found this video interesting then check out the channel and consider subscribing (it would mean a lot). If you are struggling with a gambling job then hopefully my videos will aid but I strongly recommend getting some proper aid from the guys below (I’m no expert, just someone who has ‘been there, done that and got the t-shirt…(no) merch link in bio’.

GAMCARE (Support and advice for job gamblers): www.gamcare.org.uk
BreakEven (Free local gambling counselling): www.breakeven.org.uk
The Samaritans (If you ever feel like it is too much or contemplate self-harm): or call 116 123

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